This is a podcast devoted to the best way to make jokes worth listening to. Some have called it “Car Talk (with Ian and Matt!) for jokes” and we do not discourage this interpretation. We have 53 years of combined experience working in theatre, film, stand-up, sketch comedy, burlesque, and other less funny endeavors. We have been writers, producers, directors, performers, schmucks carrying stuff, and numerous less illustrious roles (I’m not talking about you Art Department—you are the unsung gods of all creative work.)
So let’s just say, we’ve heard some jokes over the years. Jokes are ideas, a forum, that help people stretch and test their relationship with reality. We hope to stretch it to the breaking point. If you have a joke or a piece of a joke, or a punch line that desperately needs a set up… please let us know. We will find it, or tell you why we couldn’t, and then attempt to make it funny.
A good friend of ours once asked us “Why don’t you call your podcast: Ian and Matt ruin jokes?” And thus a subtitle was born.

DISCLAIMER: All humor is highly subjective, and dependent on mutiple nebulous factors that we try to take into account in our discussions. “I thinksk, therfore I ams” -Popeye: is the closest we have to a fact we can base our study on.